I am an American Muslim

I, Mohamad Adam El-Sheikh, do not support any terrorist organizations or any terrorist activities. I do not support the violent acts or the hateful message they relay. I am not associated with these monstrous organizations. I reject them and denounce their activities.

I am a proud American citizen. I have been in this country for over 30 years, voting, paying taxes, giving charity, and supporting my local communities. I have always preached the value of mercy and peace, and will continue to do so.

Again, I do not support any act of terrorism, within the US or abroad.


Post Divorce Financial Settlement

This research note written by Dr. Mohamad Adam Elsheikh reviews women’s financial rights in divorce according to the Qur’an, Hadeeth, and most respected scholars. It addresses common misconceptions and lesser known rulings in favor of the rights of Muslim women along with Dr Elsheikh’s personal commentary based on his experience and knowledge.

The research is written for Muslim Jurists and all involved in Shari’ah law in an effort to develop an effective approach for the financial protection of the Muslim Divorcees according to Qur’anic and prophetic injunctions.

Download PDF here: Post- Divorce Financial Settlement in Islam